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Pete is running in 2020!!!

The Millennial Choice. A Happy Warrior.

Freedom. Democracy. Security.

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About Mayor Pete



Mayor Pete is a Harvard Graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Naval Veteran and former candidate for DNC Chair. He currently serves as the Mayor of South Bend, his hometown.

He and his husband, Chasten, live in South Bend with their dog, Truman.

Democrats - A Vision Forward


The Democratic Party is more than a party of coastal elites. We’re a party of everyday people. In big cities, small towns, and along the highways and byways that bridge us together, families just want a fair shake of things. Mayor Pete embodies everything that is great about our country. Not only can he stand up to bullies and autocrats, but will push forward a progressive platform focused on the simple but powerful notion: “What can we do to make people’s lives better?”

Transforming South Bend Transforming America


Prior to his election, South Bend was losing businesses and residents alike as manufacturing jobs left. Now, South Bend is growing and innovating. New industries are coming to the area. Companies are partnering with the University of Notre Dame, making use of the educational capital in the region and bringing the city into the 21st century

We need these local solutions to solve our national problems! We need Mayor Pete!